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“The Role that Women Can Play” in Energy Today

The pandemic has caused millions of people, especially women, to rethink their careers. It may have been stimulated by all that time working from home, or the shift to remote work opening up opportunities in any location, or homeschooling their kids for months while schools were closed, or the joy they found in hobbies or side [...]

Rare Gem: Building TerraFina Energy Into One Of America’s Biggest Woman-Owned Oil Companies

“You know, little girl, I’ve been watching you,” the longtime oilman said to Marsha Hendler. “You get this business; you need to be an operator.” Some women would have taken offense at being called “little girl.” Instead Hendler saw a golden opportunity to be mentored and, in the process, gained a close friend – “my [...]

#ChangePays: There Were More Male CEOs Named John than Female CEOs

The New York Times noted that “fewer large companies are run by women than by men named John” in an article published in 2015. “The Johns” were in second place by year-end 2016, but not by much. Although female executives remain grossly underrepresented in the C-suite, this small victory for gender inclusion underscores a changing [...]

Operating a Smarter Grid: Embracing New Ways to Go Unnoticed

[us_image image="5359"] BY: ERICA ZIMMERER • DIRECTOR OF GRID MODERNIZATION 08/12/2019 SILENT HEROES: The best electric utility distribution employees are those that the customers never know. Utility employees have spent generations solving complex challenges, all with a dedicated focus to make sure that our customers have the power they need when they need it. In [...]

DER Control with Grid Edge Analytics

Entergy creates new approaches to better manage the grid that involve more distributed energy resources. S. Cat Wong, Wade P. Malcolm | May 24, 2019 Today, approximately 120 megawatts of customer-owned distributed energy resources, almost all rooftop photovoltaic systems, are spread out over 20,000 connections at various customer locations throughout Entergy Corp.’s system. Approximately 83.5 [...]

Can women succeed in energy corporations without acting like men?

HOUSTON CHRONICLE | Erin Douglas , May 17, 2019 At a recent Houston conference for women in the oil and gas industry, a keynote speaker, Pamela Beall, the chief financial officer for MPLX, a pipeline company, gave a presentation on how to “communicate powerfully,” in the business world. One of the most important ways, Beall said, is [...]

Hiring Women Isn’t the Problem but Keeping Them is, Says ConocoPhillips CEO Ryan Lance

The oil industry is doing a better job of hiring women. Keeping them remains the challenge, says ConocoPhillips CEO Ryan Lance. Conoco, the world’s biggest independent oil producer, has seen its percentage of female and minority workers climb among its youngest generation of employees, Lance said in an interview from his Houston headquarters on Thursday. Boosting [...]

Lynn Good on How Duke Energy Is Getting Past Coal

CEO says utility is investing in renewables and natural gas, and ‘will continue to decarbonize’ Utility executives are navigating a rapidly changing landscape: low prices, weak electricity demand and increasingly strict emissions rules. Duke Energy Corp., the giant utility based in Charlotte, N.C., is leading the charge among large, coal-heavy power producers toward natural gas, solar [...]

Study: Women Make Up 6% of CEO Positions in Energy

The number of women in the C-suite at U.S. energy companies is still not on par with their male counterparts. Analysis from global advisory firm Korn Ferry reveals that women make up significantly less C-level positions in energy, with the exception of chief human resource officers (CHRO). Women account for 57 percent of CHRO positions [...]

Valero adds two high-level executive women to its board

Valero Energy Corp. has elected two women — H. Paulett Eberhart and Kimberly Greene — to its board of directors, both of whom have been CEOs of companies. Valero's (NYSE: VLO) announcement comes on the heels of reporting its second-quarter financial results, in which the San Antonio-based company saw its revenue and net income decline but nevertheless exceeded expectations. READ MORE [...]