Make Plans to Attend the 2nd Annual KBH Center Symposium: “The Future of the Oil and Gas Industry”

The centerpiece of the Kay Bailey Hutchison Center for Energy, Business & Law will be the Second Annual KBH Center Symposium, which will take place on February 10, 2017. The title of the symposium is “The Future of the Oil and Gas Industry: Peak Oil or Peak Demand – What’s the Horizon?” and will feature some of the nation’s leaders in the oil and gas sector. API President and CEO Jack Gerard will give the luncheon keynote address, and industry leaders Scott Sheffield (Pioneer)David Baldwin (SCF Partners)Tom Petrie (Petrie Partners), and Sir Simon Mayall (Greenhill) will also speak. The oil and gas industry is grappling with external factors – lower commodity prices attributable to abundant new supplies of gas and oil, coupled with slowed economic growth in China and elsewhere – that are putting pressure on the industry’s traditional business model. In addition, the energy industry itself is changing as a result of improved drilling technologies, the viability of alternative energy sources, and global pressure to reduce carbon emissions. The industry experts at this conference will discuss these factors and others, as well as their perspectives on the likely impacts of the new President’s energy policy on the industry.

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